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We are a recovery consulting firm. Our aim is to reunite our clients with their lost funds while upholding our strict company ethics.

Negotiating with government departments on your behalf. We use our contacts within various government sectors to speed up your recovery process. 

Finding the owners of lost funds. We are governed by law to ensure that we identify the correct individuals that funds are owing to. We may require a minimum of 100 points of ID.

Providing relevant documents. We have done this countless times and we know the documents you need and the ones you need certified in order to submit a claim for your funds successfully.

Delivering your funds back to you as swiftly as possible. We work to have your funds released within the shortest time possible. We jump though hoops, so that you don't have to.


Is currently held by the Australian Government in trust, waiting for rightful owners to step foward.


It is estimated a third of all Australians have money owing to them.


Of people ever claim unrecovered money owing to them.

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How Can you get it back?

See how easy it was for this woman to LOSE $160,000

Without an agent, she is going to struggle to get it back. Let today tonight explain.

how did this happen?

These are just a few of the ways that people can end up with unclaimed money owing to them. Everyone's circumstances are usually different in one way or another.

Forgot your investment

People forget about their investments all the time. Maybe you invested in some shares when you were 20 and forgot all about them, this is quite common.


moved over seas

Maybe you have moved away from a place where you spent a significant portion of your life. People may have been trying to get in contact with you without your knowledge.


moved house

Perhaps you forgot about a deposit? (It's more common than you think.) People become so excited with the prospect of buying a house that they forget all about their deposit.

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Download Our 

- authority to release -

Download our authority to release now to commence your claim. Once you have filled it out simply send it back to us.

What we need in order to get started:


  • To satisfy our legal obligations. We need at least 100 points of ID. To prove that you are the person the money is owing to.
  • All necessary certified documents
  • A completed and signed authority to release

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Unfortunately the powers that be do not make this an easy exercise. It can often take more time and effort than the money is actually worth. Some people spend YEARS trying to reunite themselves with their lost money. This is why it is usually easier to hire an agent to get it back for you. We have experience and are willing to do what it takes to recover your lost money. Just like you would hire an accountant to do your tax return, or a lawyer to represent you in court. You should hire a recovery agent to recover your lost money. 

Getting it done right the first time

what do we do?


As a registered Recovery agent, Lauren is familiar with all the current legislation and laws surrounding Unclaimed Money and treats every claim with great care and due diligence.

With over 11 years experience in the finance industry as a licensed credit provider Lauren displays excellent customer service skills and high levels of professionalism.  

We get in touch with the relevant parties and government departments in order to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible. We are aware of the relevant material and documentary evidence you need to claim your funds back and work hard to obtain this on your behalf.

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In charge of over all proceedings and takes care of claim disputes and ensures that all matters are being handled in accordance with Australian laws and regulations.  

Delivering excellence in alleviating the entire claim process for Australian businesses and individuals with integrity and professionalism.

Nothing to lose & everything to gain.


After seeking a career change, Lauren started to focus on businesses that would be both rewarding for herself and individuals of Australia. When Lauren discovered the billions of unclaimed money sitting in Government Revenue she knew she was onto something.

What could be more rewarding than informing someone they have an amount of money owing to them and providing a service that would see them get it back?… and so began Lost Money Recovery.




Lauren, Thank you for helping us reclaim our lost funds. I am surprised at how painless it is. I must admit, I was extremely apprehensive at first with all the scams going on, but after checking your site and having a chat I concluded that it's all very legitimate. The main thing is how you made it all seem so easy. We did not have to do much except supply you with the required documents. LIONHEART INSURANCE - WA 

Thank you Lauren for helping me retrieve my money that I had no idea was there! You made it very easy for me, sent me everything I needed and let me know what I needed as identification. You were very patient with me and helped me with every step. I found your company to be very professional and would certainly recommend you.  AMANDA - Yarrabilba QLD        

Thank you for recovering our lost money. I was contacted by Lauren in regards to some un-claimed money. The service provided was excellent and efficient. GAMMASONICS RADIOLOGICAL SERV - NSW


There are many laws in place that protect you as a consumer and your lost money. It is an offence under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to give false or misleading information or documentation. This means that we are bound by law to ensure that we undertake correct procedures. It also means that we are bound by law to promptly refund your funds into your preferred bank account or by cheque.


We are trained through Create Australia, they serve as a third party validating our claim as a refund consulting agent. We are frequently updated with industry information which keeps our knowledge and training relevant so you can be sure you are putting your trust in the hands of up-to-date industry experts.

Create Australia Refund Consulting Business

Client Relations Manager

Charissa is the first point of contact with Lost Money Recovery. Responsible for contacting, informing and explaining the processes and obligations to recovering your funds with her friendly and professional approach. 


Charissa joined Lost Money Recovery in 2018 as our valued client relations manager. Charissa brings with her, exceptional communication and customer service skills obtained through her 13 years of experience with a well known insurance company which saw her liaising with large financial institutions regarding general insurance whilst managing a team of 25 staff.

Charissa has also worked in property sales and administration roles throughout her career and displays great care and attention to detail in her work. Charissa came to LMR after seeking a role that is rewarding and offers a flexible work/life balance to fit in with her young family. Going above and beyond to ensure companies and organisations Australia wide do not miss out on their ‘lost’ money, Charissa is an asset to LMR and after speaking with her you will be grateful for her call.



- Charissa Bellingham -

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If you have any questions regarding the recovery process or unclaimed money in general, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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